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When it comes to comparing Absolute Vodka and Smirnoff, I believe we have always leaned towards Smirnoff. Clean, smooth, and not as much burn as Tequila. Also Vodka Price Dhaka has risen since 2008 but young entrepreneurs are bringing light to the situation in 2016.

Regardless of what your choice of drink is, our main message to you guys is that you must have good purchase behavior.

  1. Don’t buy alcohol that is missing original packaging
  2. If purchasing from other people, always meet in public places where there are others in the presence.

The Price of Smirnoff from us is 3200 taka
The Price of Absolute vodka is 4000 taka

Jack Daniels Price in Bangladesh

Jack Daniels is the high end Drink. Its the chosen one when its a guys night out, playing cards with your home boys or just getting ready for a party. Nothing goes with coca cola like Jack Daniels. King of dark liquor.

Jack Daniels price

Price – 8,000 Taka

Whiskey Price in Bangladesh

When it comes to whiskey, like Said above Jack Daniels is one that comes first to mind to many. But we also have the two other brothers in stock.

Black Label Price : 10,000 Taka

Blue Label Price: 8,500 Taka

Now these liquors are top notch legit. They cant even be expected in any Dj party in Dhaka, or Bangladesh Bars. Either they will charge a lot or they will dilute the content. Sometimes you can find it in warehouses in Dhaka but that too is very limited. Do not waste your time trying to call random side dealers who will cause unnecessary stress (if you are an experienced buyer, you know what I am talking about) and also there is a chance that it is not pure.

This is why we created this page. First to give locals and especially foreigners an idea of how to fill the lack of nightclubs in Bangladesh and nightlife in general. Now, all this information would not be complete without my personal recommendation. This is from a foreigner who is in effort to lighten up our night life. No cash advance, no Bcash. 100% legit alcohol with cash upon delivery.

Straight and simple, safe and sound.

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