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The drinks we drink and beers we like is something that says about our personality just as much as the t-shirts we own and the vehicles we like. Heineken is a common love for many Bangladeshis and often look to find the cheapest beer price in Bangladesh. A lot of us have grown up drinking it from time to time especially people older than 30 because before 2005, the choices were limited.

Heineken price in Bangladesh

Heineken Beer price in Bangladesh

It is said that people who drink variety of beers are known to be more social and emotional while people who stick to one type of beer is more goal oriented and conservative. I personally think beer price in Bangladesh does not allow most people to enjoy the subtle joys. This is why we created this page. I have mid-range of beers that I would drink weather I am at a party or playing some cards with friends.

Price: 300 taka per can

Hunter Beer Price in Bangladesh Dhaka

If there is another beer that comes to mind is Hunter. This is a “uncle’s Beer” I say this because while I was growing up (Im a 90s kid) all the guests would be drinking Hunter beer. I remember going out and pouring all the left overs in a glass and drinking it with my friends in 5th grade. Nowadays, even this beer is hard to get and quite expensive being 450 taka per can.

Alcohol Prohibition 

Our country is strictly muslim and our religion is Islam. I am not going to try to come up with something cleaver which debunks the laws of islam on Alcohol. However, the current political systems do not press charges due to religious reasons – they do it for profit and misuse of power. The banning of alcohol in Bangladesh has been present from the start but it is slowly getting more loose. People are beginning to realize that getting a break from life’s grind is more normal to humans than thought before. This alcohol ban will last, we shall respect it as our religion and we do that by still loving one another while under the influence and under no influence.

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