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Alcohol BD – Options to buy alcohol in Dhaka are quite limited given cultural and religious beliefs. However we are entering a unique time when youth and the increase of entrepreneurial spirit is making new trades available. This is for many reasons but the biggest in my opinion is the lack of night life in a city full of fun people. There is no Disco in Dhaka, no Bar in Dhaka city and all in all an absence of entertainment in Dhaka.


Night Clubs in Dhaka

Now as locals we know that there is no great place that people can go out and have a good time in peace. Unfortunately, this is something that will take more time as the country evolves. However, in my opinion I would like to mention that there are certain groups of people who do throw good parties – good enough to replace the need for Nightclubs in Dhaka. Unfortunately they are quite rare and not very advertised for everyone due to quality of the crowd. For the sake of this article, people should know that even though there are no dance bars, there are places where it can be bought such as warehouses and government issued Hotels. This is usually 5/3 star hotels or warehouses and side hustlers who sell alcohol under the table. This may sound like a good solution but there are two problems with these approaches. One is that the quality in the side places can be bad – literally not purified going by name of “Bangla alcohol” or as I call it “Bangla Moth”. This is often home made and I have witnessed bad side effects from nights using these beverages. Now speaking about the other problem is simply the price. Going into a hotel and paying 500 taka per drink is just something that does not make sense – its like paying the price of a drink in a high end club in New York city but you don’t get the music or the crowd.

Dhaka Bars

There are side government licensed Pubs and Bars that often require Foreign Passport. Though this is becoming more of a common choice, in my personal experience and as the creator of alcohol bd – i feel as though a shot is diluted. If you buy a bottle, please keep in mind to NEVER accept anything has the plastic open. Often times the cap is sealed but to be sure its not altered, it must be with the plastic or original packaging.

For a side note you can get a better understanding of beer price in Bangladesh here and for people wanting to get lit, you can check out Vodka Price in Bangladesh here.

So what do we do??

alcohol bd

Entertainment in Dhaka – Last Words

Though with the short comings, there can be entertainment in Dhaka. we have a city full of Youth and Souls full of life. I am not just saying this to be optimistic but really mean it as accurate judgement comparing to my traveling to several countries around the world. To wrap the homepage of alcohol bd,  I would like to say that we should form good friendships,  and purchase beverages with caution. Throw house parties where the police can’t blame you and be safe. One approach is to not seek to buy drinks but to buy entire bottles, making sure the original packaging (including the plastic is present).

Now this article wouldn’t be great without recommendation that people can trust. This is a foreigner who gets his alcohol from the commissary, he does not ask you to pay upfront or anything. 100% original, good Liquor with cash at delivery.
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